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During pregnancy, women need to pay more attention to their teeth, they need to visit the dentist more often to avoid tooth decay. Modern dentistry guarantees high-quality treatment of teeth and gums without harming the woman and her child. Dentistry for pregnant women in Zhukovsky Technical Excellence of the 21st Century More recently, dentists did not show due attention to pregnant women. Dentistry in recent years has made a big leap forward in its development, having achieved technical excellence and improving the quality of materials, which allowed pregnant women to make painless and safe treatment procedures. Today, dentists take pregnant women under special control because of hormonal changes that occur in the body, which affect the oral cavity. During pregnancy, women undergo strong changes in the immune system, so special attention is needed to the teeth and gums, which also undergo changes. Dental treatment during pregnancy. Modern dentistry has a fairly wide range of anesthetics containing adrenaline, which are created specifically for pregnant and lactating women. The dentist individually determines the possibility of using anesthesia and chooses the dosage of the pain medication during the treatment. Of concern to pregnant women is the need to undergo an X-ray examination, which is necessary for high-quality and effective treatment of teeth and gums. How to take a picture of the oral cavity of a pregnant woman in such a way as to avoid the risk of exposure to the fetus? Currently, dental offices have in their arsenal of radio-visiographic equipment. This equipment works like an x-ray, but the radiation dose is reduced to a minimum. The advantage of such equipment is the use of a sensor directed directly to the dental canal. Pregnant women should not be afraid for their health and their future baby, but feel free to go to the dental office and do the necessary treatment! Prevention of gum treatment During pregnancy, many women experience pain in the gums. The reason is a change in the hormonal background of a woman. Such a change can lead to gingivitis. Such a dangerous disease haunts many pregnant women. In order for the condition of the oral cavity to remain satisfactory, it is necessary to take care of the gums and at home. For pain in the gums and bleeding, you should immediately consult a periodontist. The specialist will make the necessary examination and prescribe the necessary treatment. To date, there are many herbal solutions without alcohol, designed to rinse the mouth and prevent such diseases.


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